• Technology Driving Marketing Success: The 1st Annual Marketing ARC Awards

Enter in up to 12 categories

Entries Due July 3rd

Enter now and become recognized for your marketing talents!

The awards celebrate the best marketing campaigns utilizing technology solutions-- for a chance to put your marketing smarts in the spotlight and gain industry-wide recognition.



Below is a list of the items you will need in order to complete your Marketing ARC Awards Entry, we recommend saving a back-up file:

  1. Submitter information (i.e. the entering company’s name, address, website, etc. )
  2. Primary submitter contact information (i.e. the point person for all entry details.)
  3. Brand-side contact: name, phone, email (Contact information for end-user if different from submitters. Brand-side clients will only be contacted in the event of a discrepancy.) *If you are entering on the behalf of a client or end-user brand, Chief Marketer requires brand’s approval for entry.
  4. Answers to the 7 Entry Questions below (word limits apply.)
  5. Hi-res brand/product logo (Hi-res logo of the brand/product for the campaign you are nominating. (Accepted file types: eps and ai)
  6. Digital Images: 1 required. Max 5 photos (25MB file size limit each.)
  7. Optional: Up to 1 video (80 MB file size limit each or URL to hosted video.)


We suggest that you make your answers as succinct as possible. Judges appreciate concise, revealing entries! Word limits are not the suggested length – it is the maximum allowable length for each answer.

  1. Who/what was the client/brand/product/service that was the focus of the campaign?
  2. Describe the end-user client, what they do, and the industry that they serve.
  3. What were the goals of the campaign?
  4. What challenges did the team have to overcome during the course of the campaign?
  5. Describe the role technology solutions played in the campaign’s success.
  6. List any technology partners instrumental in the campaign’s effectiveness. Please include a contact for each partner listed.
  7. How did the campaign perform? What were the results? Please quantify and be as specific as possible. Entries without qualified evidence will be penalized.


YES! Entries without any quantifiable results will be penalized. Be as specific as possible: quote a client on their satisfaction with the results, include measurable impact on sales (if applicable), include information on the brand’s commitment to the program in future years, or recap any statistics you gathered which measured the campaign’s success through marketing technology. The more information you provide, the better.


We encourage you to submit a thorough, well-rounded entry, so please provide all of the materials you have, but all of these materials are not required. You may submit up to 5 photos (25MB upload limit) and 1 video (80 MB upload limit, or no file limit if hosted on your own website and URL provided.)

Acceptable file types – Videos: mp4, avi, mov. Images: jpg, jpeg, png.


1) Inbound Lead Acquisition/Generation

Awarded to the campaign that executed a specific inbound lead acquisition/generation program for a specific product or service that produced a significant increase in new leads utilizing marketing automation software.

2) Lead Nurturing

Awarded to the campaign that executed a specific lead nurturing campaign for a specific product or service that produced a significant increase in sales qualified leads utilizing marketing automation software.

3) Conversion Optimization

Awarded to the campaign that significantly increased the number of leads to customer conversions and/or shortened the lead-to-conversion timeline through the use of marketing technology.

4) Content Marketing

Awarded to the campaign that best leveraged marketing technology to deliver relevant content at key points throughout the buying cycle to the prospect for a particular product or service by providing the capability to match prospects with the right content, at the right time, in the right channel, significantly increasing lead to conversion timetable, and/or percent of leads converting to sale.

5) Personalization

Awarded to the campaign that incorporated personalization into marketing communications, inbound and/or outbound, through automated marketing technology that significantly improved engagement and—ideally—conversion.

6) Targeting

Awarded to the campaign that best employed marketing technology to target market a group of prospects/customers for a product or service with specific characteristics (i.e. target groups of individuals separated by distinguishable characteristics, such as geographic, demographic/socioeconomic, behavioral, needs-based market segmentation) to significantly improve conversion.

7) Channel Integration/Messaging

Awarded to the campaign that best leveraged technology to create a unified experience and message for the customer/prospect across the web, regardless of which platform was used for access (i.e. tablet, mobile, PC, email, social media).

8) Global/Local

Awarded to the campaign that best leveraged technology to enable agile marketing of products or services internationally, and/or in a specific, local geographic market area.

9) Interactivity/Engagement

Awarded to the campaign that best leveraged technology to created a highly-engaging, ongoing educational and/or entertaining campaign component for a product or service marketing program (i.e. games, quizzes, calculators, member activity etc.).

10) Analytics, Measurement & Attribution

Awarded to the campaign that best leveraged technology to enable the study of the behavior of known and unknown prospects/customers, as well as analytics to allow for tracking in order to make sense of the enormous amount of data collected. Lead monitoring to identify when a lead is ready to be passed on to sales for further action, thru conversion for attribution. Illustrate how technology enabled marketer to make profitable decisions on marketing investments.



  • The Marketing ARC Awards are open to marketers, agencies, suppliers, and manufacturers involved in marketing campaigns utilizing technology to drive results.
  • B-to-C and B-to-B events and campaigns are eligible.
  • Campaigns must have launched or debuted between May 1, 2013 and May 1, 2014.
  • International entries are welcome!
  • Entrants may submit as many campaigns as they wish into the 2014 Marketing ARC Awards. Campaigns may be entered in multiple categories, as long as it is within category guidelines.
  • If you are entering on the behalf of a client or end-user brand, Chief Marketer requires brand’s approval for entry.


Regular Price through July 3: $495 / entry
Late Deadline Price July 4th thru July 17th:  $645 / entry


Entry into the Marketing ARC Awards is 100% virtual. All entries must be submitted through our online entry system.
The entry process is just four easy steps:

  • Choose the category you wish to enter
  • Enter in campaign details and answer the entry questions; word limits apply
  • Upload supporting photos, renderings and/or video(s)
  • Submit your entry fee payment online


Each Marketing ARC Award category will have one overall winner. A panel of senior-level brand and agency marketing technology experts judge all categories. Judges will look for evidence of campaigns that demonstrate the following:

  • Clear strategic thinking in leveraging marketing technology
  • Innovation in leveraging marketing technology
  • Effectiveness in leveraging marketing technology

Winners will have succeeded in maximizing ROI and message delivery with the help of marketing technology solutions. Results must be supported.


General Questions
Should you have an inquiry about the categories, rules, or eligibility of the Marketing ARC Awards, please contact us via email or phone:

Patrick Gorman
tel: 203-899-8441
email: pgorman@accessintel.com

Rebecca Lincks
tel: 301-354-1780
email: rlincks@accessintel.com


The Marketing ARC Awards Gala will be held at B2B LeadsCon in New York City, NY on August 14, 2014. It will take place at 8:30 AM in the Broadway Ballroom on the 6th floor.